PET Buyers' Guide

The PET Buyers’ Guide is a buyers’ guide comprising a comprehensive directory of manufacturers and service providers in the pet products, pet sales and garden segment.

Divided into twelve product categories, the PET Buyers’ Guide contains addresses of international manufacturers of pet products, suppliers of shop fittings, service providers, associations and fair organisers, plus significant additional data.

The PET Buyers’ Guide is published annually in English/German as print and online version (e-magazine) and as an online data base. The data base can be accessed on the internet at or The product category, the product itself, the company name or the location can be used as the search criterion for selecting the companies included in the directory.

All subsribers to PET worldwide and pet Fachmagazin will receive a free copy of the print version. Further copies will be circulated worldwide at fairs and conventions.

Examples of entries


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Rates for entries

Entries and options

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Basic address entry
additional address entry
Supplementary line to the address entry
Company logo to the address entry
Product picture to the address entry
Online option* 69,-

 *Online option (Buyers' Guide online)

By ordering the online option, all your entries under all the product categories you have booked, including all logos, product photos and/or additional lines, will be published in parallel online in the Buyers’ Guide database (PET Buyers’ Guide at and and linked to your website as well.

In addition, all your entries in the e-magazine version will also be linked to your website. The e-magazine version will be send out to more than 3200 e-mail receiptors.

Without the online option, only your free basic entry with one address under the first product category to have been booked will appear in the online Buyers’ Guide. The address will not be linked up.

E-magazine / Buyers' Guide online

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